Stereo RV

Hailing from Portland, OR, Stereo RV creates a form of soulful pop music that captivates through the poetic framework of blunt honesty and emotion. They released their debut EP in early 2017  that developed through trial and error in the RV the couple called home. 

The touching melodies and Myra’s true to life lyrics, inspired in part by her work with children in the foster care system gave wing to the songs emotional depth that’s often missing in pop music. A handful of scattered singles were released between 2018-2019, that showcased a more playful side while still staying true to their brand of pop on ‘Broke’ and most recently, ‘GO!’. With several speaking engagements under their belt discussing how music moves trauma including the coveted stage of TEDx, the duo have kept a heavy touring schedule from 2017 through the current year. 

They’ve been playing  on stages in living rooms, secret shows, Sofar Sounds, and intimate listening rooms. Their live performances offer the rare gift of cultivating a time of authentic connection. With one of the most powerfully expressive voices you’ve ever heard, Myra’s singing and Gabe’s ability to mimic the sound of a full drum kit, make every performance an other-worldly event. 

With a more mature sound on their new song ‘STYLE,’ off the duo’s forthcoming EP set to release early 2020, the vibrant production gives way to a sound one could call, resurrected funk. It has a flare of old motown with bright horns, and an emotive groove that emphasizes Myra’s soulful and characterized voice. The primary message behind the song, namely female empowerment, focuses on loving the skin you’re in and owning who you are. “It’s about being confident and not apologizing” says Myra, as she sings in the song “What you knew before may not be around, I’m on a different level with a walk that’s breaking ground..” and again in the chorus “You only wish you could be me/ I got my S-T-Y-L-E.”