June 14, 2018 - A new life


We recently quit our jobs to become full-time starving artists! Well, not starving since Gabe can make pretty much anything out of what he finds - in other people's fridges! So, needless to say, it has been a crazy few months of us figuring out the details of how to successfully follow our hearts full-time. It wasn't an easy decision, I (Myra) left a job that I deeply loved, working with our kids in the foster care system, and Gabe left the restaurant industry where his second passion in life is perfecting plates of food and making them not only taste delicious but also look good enough for you to post on your instagram. 

With this new life, we are currently posted up in San Jose, enjoying the sun and spending most days in a coffee shop. We're writing new music and are preparing for our next single. Currently taking all advice on how to keep your sanity when you're self-employed. If you don't follow us on social media we encourage you to GET ON THAT! Every Sunday we go live on Facebook with our series called "Coffee with The Gleason's" - we're basically living a life making fun of ourselves and turning it into comedy. Youtube is where we post our newest videos and ----- NOW THAT WE HAVE ALL THIS TIME - covers!! So please reach out to us so we can sing you your favorite song. 

Signing off til next time!!


Myra & Gabe

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